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Businesses launch online advertising campaigns with specific goals. These goals can be divided into two types: image and conversion. Performance Marketing-channels are most often used for reaching conversion goals. We are talking about any useful user action on the site: from filling the form to selling the product in the online store.

Performance Marketing – is a part of online marketing that is focused on the specific result that a business needs and which can be measured: for example, sales, leads, and more.

Typically, the most effective channels for achieving conversion goals are PCC channels. РРС (Pay-Per-Click) are advertising channels where advertisers only pay for a click on an ad. In other words, you pay for users’ interest - a specific reaction to online advertising.

Most often used PPC-channels:

  • Google Search – Google search ads;
  • Google Display Network – advertisements on the Google Partner Network;
  • Facebook – advertisements in the Facebook users’ feed;
  • Instagram – advertisements in the Instagram users feed.

The choice of a PPC channel depends on many factors. Each of these advertising channels performs its specific function, depending on the type, format of ads, and targeting settings.

For example, if channel placement will be tied to the classic sales funnel, then on the first stage of interacting with a client, the Google Display Network ad will be most effective. We also suggest choosing banners as an ad format in this case. This ad format and banner placement on Google's Partner Site Network will help you grow awareness about your business, product or service.

Social networks – Facebook and Instagram, are on the middle level of the sales funnel, the stage of interest in a product or service. Features of various advertising formats in these networks (teasers, carousels, stories), allow solving various problems - both image and conversion. There is also a very wide range of customization and targeting options for your audience.

The lowest level of the funnel, the sales phase, is occupied by advertising on Google Search. This is the stage where a user has already identified a need for a particular product or service. The peculiarity of this channel is that it handles the already formed, "hot" demand: the advertisements are displayed concerning the users’ search. At this point, the primary goal of the advertiser is to attract the attention of the searcher and "get" them to click on a particular ad, go to the site and make a purchase.

As for how to chose a particular channel and at what stage of the sales funnel involve them, this is already the task of the Agency's Performance Marketing experts. MediaHead's experts study the clients’ business beforehand, evaluate the market situation and provide appropriate guidance to meet the clients’ business goals.